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3B Scientific Tradeshows
Meet 3B Scientific.

You are invited to visit our stand at the following trade shows:

The 115th annual congress Meeting is taking place in the Medical University of Innsbruck. We are looking forward to meeting all of you and having a chat about our anatomy products. There will be around 350 participants in Innsbruck at the congress.




Orlando, FL, United States



Ft. Myers, FL, United States

EMS World Expo: The EMS World Expo is a trade show that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and is great for all EMS related Individuals such as Paramedics, nurses, EMS Executive Directors and so on. The trade show is a way for you to learn more about your job, keeping you prepared for almost any situation. The EMS World Expo has about 6,000 Visitors and around 300 Exhibitors and gives you the option to attend in person or virtually. Come and visit the show and meet us to find out who we are and see what 3B Scientific has in store for you.




Orlando, FL, United States


2021 AMMA Conference

Melbourne, Australia



Virtual Conference

The EUSEM is taking place in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2021 you can attend virtually or even physically based on how you feel comfortable. We 3B Scientific will be there presenting some of our products to you. Come and visit us and ask us any questions you have regarding us as a company or even just our products.




Fort Worth, TX, United States



Grapevine, TX, United States



Gulf Shores, AL, United States



Keystone, CO, United States



Austin, TX, United States



Orlando, FL, United States

The “6. Symposium Taktische lagen im Rettungsdienst” is going to be in Düsseldorf in 2021. This trade Show is especially for Police, customs, soldiers that are active in the tactical Medical area. Speakers analyze terrorist situations from their own experience and talk about tactical strategies. There are different types of workshops with great Instructors teaching any visitor that comes.  3B Scientific will be a part of this exhibition, bringing different types of products with us. 




San Diego, CA, United States



Los Angeles, CA USA

International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare



Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia

MediTech is a Medical trade show that takes place in Colombia. This trade show is mainly for showcasing products that are related to the medical industry. In the previous years MediTech has had around 10,000 Visitors and around 300 Exhibitors all from the Medical industry such as Clinic Managers, doctors, suppliers, distributors and so many more. Come and visit the show and meet us to find out who we are and have a look at our 3B Scientific Products.




Cologne, Germany