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Snellen Colored Eye Chart

Snellen Colored Eye Chart, 1018324 [W58500], Modelli di Occhio
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This innovative new colored eye chart simultaneously screen for color blindness while testing visual acuity. Designed through the collaborative effort of a physician and an engineer in color technology, this patented eye chart represents a milestone breakthrough in visual screening. This Vision test eye chart has proven effective in screening the two most common types of red-green color blindness: protanopia/protanomalia and deuteranopia/deuteranomalia, as well as the extremely rare total color blindness. Snellen Colored Eye chart measures 11x23" and printed on heavy, fully laminated stock, each poster is fitted with a metal eyelet for hanging.


Art. No. 1018324 [W58500]
Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 0 x 28 x 56 cm
MPN: Eye-Chart
Art. No.: 1018324 [W58500]
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